Welcome to Shorewood Forest Utilities

Shorewood Forest Utilities, Inc. a not-for-profit corporation located in Union Township of Porter County.


2024 Board of Directors Candidates

The Candidates running for the 2024 Board of Directors Election are: Jacqueline (Jackie) Hobson, Gerard (Jerry) Marciniak, Rick D. Moore, Anthony (Tony) Sielski, & Tom Szefc.  Their candidate forms can be accessed under the SFU Business tab subsection "2024 Candidates Forms" and the video of Candidates Night can be accessed under the SFU Business tab subsection "2024 Candidates Night Video".  The Annual Meeting will be held Monday, July 8, 2024.

New Bylaws

The Bylaws adopted by the SFU Board of Directors on March 18, 2024, can be accessed under the SFU Business tab, subsection “Bylaws”.

Billing (Pay My Bill feature)

Due to feedback regarding the Bill Pay service upgrade, and customers not able to view bill history, we have changed the link to go directly to the Bill Pay portal website.    Please note that you will leave the SFU website when doing so.  Thank you.

Avoid Sewer Backups

Please DO NOT FLUSH WIPES. Help your sewer department protect the environment by flushing the proper items down the toilet. Click on this link to see the entire document.

SFU Business Tab

The “SFU Business” tab contains minutes, bylaws etc. and can only be accessed with a special pin code. If you cannot access this tab, please contact the office at 219-531-0706 M-F 6:00 AM through 2:30 PM.

Plant Manager
Forest W. Ash
Shorewood Forest Utilities, Inc.